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Surprising Checkmates [Bruce Alberston, Fred Wilson] on orejuzavij.tk * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Deliver the Coup de Grâce! With this. With this instructive manual, players can learn to concentrate on one-, two- and three-move checkmates, focusing on their opponents' last.

Today's chess player can access extensive chess book, magazine and video resources to learn more about this complex game. Many successful tournament players and coaches over a long period of time have contributed their knowledge and tips from actual game situations for players at all levels covering a wide variety of topics.

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PDF files have been saved on Google Drive for easy access. One cannot, of course, blindly attack in every game: the right conditions to attack must be present, such as a chip in the opposition king's pawn wall or the ability to quickly transfer many of one's pieces to the attacking zone.

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Many of the puzzles in this work deal with attacking scenarios and should help the reader to further appreciate just when and why an attack is likely to work. What, though, of the many games in which we don't get to attack? In these tactical play is no less likely to occur and it's important to always be alert to tactical opportunities.

One very handy way of not letting these pass by is to keep in mind John Nunn's very useful mnemonic: LPDO 'loose pieces drop off'. Indeed, it's very noticeable just how many tactics are to do with a piece being undefended or poorly defended. Rd4 Kf3 Kc2 Ke3 Rc4 Kf2 Rc3 Ke1 Kd3 Kf2 Kd2 Kg1 Ke3 Kg2 Ke2 Kh1 Rg3 Kh2 Kf2 Kh1 GloriaVictis GloriaVictis 3, 2 2 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 37 37 bronze badges. DrZ Seems that white wins faster then; I edited in some sidelines after Endgame tablebases are available online, you can play around here: chessok.

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Longest known checkmate is in moves , revealed by Lomonosov Tablebases. You can see the game here. This is the actual longest mate.

There is one with less and it's actually the position of this game after the pawn promotes, that is the reason why it's shorter. M Jun 12 at Maybe they found a way to shrink.

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Source please. See tablebase. M Jun 13 at Kf3 Nd7 4.

follow site Kc1 Rb5 Kb3 Rf5 Ka2 Ke6 Qh7 Ne5 Kb1 Rf4 Ka2 Nc6 Ng4 Bd4 Kb1 Nb4 Kc1 Kd6 Qh2 Nd5 Ke2 Bd4 Qg8 Kc5 Kd2 Nd5 Kh2 Ne3 Kh4 Rf5 Nh6 Rf1 Qa8 Kb4 Kh5 Kc3 Kg6 Rf2 Qa8 Rf1 Qb8 Kd2 Qb3 Ke2 Qg5 Kc2 Kh7 Kd3 Qg5 Rf6 Qd7 Kc3 Qe8 Kd2 Qb5 Kc2 Qh5 Rf1 Qg6 Rf6 Qe4 Kc4 Qe8 Kd3 Ng8 Rf1 Kd7 Bc5 Nc6 Nd5 Kd7 Nd5 Kc8 Be3 Qh4 Kf5 Kd8 Kd4 Ke8 Rc7 Kf8 Bf4 Qe6 Ra7 Qe2 Be3 Qb8 Kd3 Kg8 Rc7 Qa6 Kd4 Kf8 Bd2 Qf1 Bc3 Kg7 Rc6 Kg7 Ne4 Kh7 Rc7 Qe6 Kf4 Kg8 Rc6 Kg8 Rf6 Qh4 Kd3 Nd8 Kd4 Qg4 Ke5 Qe2 Kf4 Qc4 Kf3 Qb3 Kf2 Ne6 Ke3 Qa2 Rf3 Qc2 Be5 Qd1 Bc3 Ng2 Rf2 Kh5 Kd4 Qb1 Bd2 Kh6 Bc3 Qg1 Ne4 Kh7 Rd6 Kg4 Ke2 Qa7 Bd2 Kh3 Ke3 Kh2 Rg4 Kg1 Nd2 Kh1 Bd4 Qe2 Re4 Qh5 Nf1 Qd5 Nd2 Qf5 Kd1 Nf4 Be5 Ng6 Bf6 Kg2 Bg5 Qh7 Kd1 Qh8 Be3 Nh4 Bd4 Nf5 Be5 Kh3 Re4 Qc5 Nc4 Nh6 Nd2 Qb5 Rf4 Kh4 Be3 Qd3 Bd4 Kh5 Re4 Qa3 Rf4 Qd6 Re4 Nh6 Bf2 Kg6 Rc4 Qe5 Bb6 Kg7 Rc4 Nf7 Bc7 Kg8 Re4 Nf5 Bf4 Qh1 Be5 Qh3 Kd1 Qg2 Be5 Kd7 Bf2 Nd5 Kd3 Kc6 Rh4 Kb5 Be3 Qh1 Bc5 Kd6 Bf2 Kd7 Rd4 Ke6 Rh4 Qg2 Rc4 Ke7 Nf3 Kd8 Rd4 Qh5 Bg3 Kc8 Re4 Kb7 Bd4 Qc6 Rg4 Ka6 Rg7 Nb4 Re7 Nb4 Re5 Qc2 Rc5 Qe2 Kg3 Qe7 Rh5 Ka5 Rh4 Ka6 Bd4 Qc6 Be3 Qe8 Bd4 Qg6 Rg4 Qc6 Kg3 Qd6 Kg3 Qe6 Rg1 Kb8 Ra3 Kc8 Rb6 Qe4 Rf6 Kd7 Bc3 Nc5 Bd4 Ne6 Be5 Ng5 Bb2 Qe3 Kg4 Kc6 Rf5 Nd3 Be5 Ke8 Rf5 Qc5 Kg4 Qd5 Kg6 Nd3 Bg7 Qe4 Kg5 Ke7 Bd4 Kd7 Rf6 Kb6 Rf5 Kb5 Kg5 Nb4 Be5 Nd5 Rf5 Ka6 Rf7 Qf2 Ng5 Qc2 Nf3 Qc8 Kg5 Qe6 Rf5 Nc7 Nd4 Nd5 Nf3 Ne3 Rf4 Qe6 Kg5 Qd6 Kg5 Qc7 Kg5 Nd5 Rf3 Nb6 Kg4 Qd2 Kg4 Nc4 Bg5 Qd1 Bf4 Nb6 Bg3 Nd7 Kg5 Qe4 Rf4 Nf6 Kg2 Ne4 Nf5 Kc7 Bg3 Kd7 Nf5 Qd1 Rf4 Kc4 Rf2 Kb4 Rf1 Ka5 Rf4 Kb5 Rf4 Ka5 Rf2 Qh8 Kg2 Qc3 Rf4 Qd5 Nd4 Kb6 Bf2 Kc7 Rh4 Qe5 Kg2 Ne4 Kf3 Qd7 Kh4 Nd2 Rf4 Nc4 Nf3 Ne8 Kf5 Qh7 Ke6 Ne4 Kd5 Ng3 Be5 Ne4 Kf7 Qh6 Kg8 Qe7 Rf5 Kb6 Bg7 Ke4 Rc6 Kd3 Rd6 Ne4 Rd8 Kg2 Kh7 Ng3 Ne6 Qh4 Ng7 Qd6 Rf7 Qd5 Bc1 Kh3 Ba3 Kg4 Be7 Qc4 Kf8 Nf5 Rf6 Qd7 Rf7 Qd3 Bf6 Qe3 Be7 Qh1 Rh7 Kf3 Nf6 Qe5 Ne8 Ke2 Bf6 Qd5 Rf7 Kb1 Rh7 Qf3 Ra7